5 Types Of Materials Used To Make Safety Bollards

5 Types Of Materials Used To Make Safety Bollards

Whether you want to protect buildings or define boundaries, you can use safety bollards. With people looking for more security and safety, their demand has enhanced drastically in the last few years. Heavy-duty bollards have become an essential part of road safety. They are generally seen in parking lots and construction environments.

Choose Mckeown Fencing for bollard installation and get professional services. Their team is fully trained and experienced in delivering projects on time. If you are planning to install bollards in your residential or commercial property, know the various materials used to make them so that you can choose the right product.


Common Materials Used To Make Bollards

1. Concrete

Concrete bollards are generally preferred by those looking for impact-resistant products. You will get reinforced protection and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the place where you are placing them. You can adjust the bollard’s material to match the architecture of the statue or building it is protecting.

2. Aluminium

Though metal bollards are made using various metals, aluminium is most commonly used. You can use these bollards as a decorative element, and they have a lightweight. Though aluminium bollards can’t provide the highest level of protection, you can relocate them to the desired location of your choice. When compared with steel or cast iron, aluminium bollards need more time to rust.

3. Wood

Wooden bollards are generally seen in parks and forest-dominated areas. The material is in synchronise which nature, which makes them ideal for these areas. You can use this material to make bollards with artistic merit and make changes in its design if you ever require an update. The only disadvantage of placing wooden bollards is that they are susceptible to weathering.

4. Polyurethane

Polyurethane bollards are known for their flexibility, durability and reliability. The material is valued for its attributes and abilities to sustain various weather conditions. These bollards are generally seen in parking lots, along medians, and to specify lanes in construction zones and schools.

5. Steel

Get in touch with the fencing contractors at Mckeown Fencing for steel bollards, and you can make the most of their impact resistance features. They secure buildings and keep them protected from high-velocity and ramming vehicles. Steel bollards are often filled with concrete for better reinforcement.

Since you are now aware of the common materials used to make bollards, choose one according to your needs and get in touch with experienced fencing contractors.