Bollards in Sutton

Bollard Installation: A Step-By-Step Guide

A bollard is a short yet strong metal or wooden post that creates an architectural perimeter. It guides traffic and marks boundaries while serving as a visual guide. Bollards are available in diverse styles and shapes. You can choose one as per your requirements. Installation of bollards isn’t a one-time affair. There are several steps involved in the process. The professionals providing installation services of bollards in Kingston possess a concrete idea of these steps.

How to Install Bollards?

Installation of bollards is a difficult task. There are several aspects to consider in this regard. If the bollards aren’t installed properly, you can’t make the most use of them. Also, your property won’t be safe. Below are some of the steps involved in bollard installation:

  1. Mark the installation points: Initially, you need to mark the installation points. A general advice is to keep the bollards 5 feet apart. Make sure the distance isn’t greater than 5 feet. If the gap is greater, the bollards will be unable to block the width of small-scale vehicles.
  2. Drill the holes: Now, you should implement an auger to drill holes where the bollards will be positioned. Keep the hole wider than the bollard since you have to fill the bollard’s surrounding area with concrete.
  3. Set gravel drainage system: Add a layer of gravel at the end of the hole. This layer of gravel will act as the drainage point and prevent mud, snow, water, and rain from assembling in the ground sleeves.
  4. Position a cylindrical rebar cage: Prepare a rebar cage according to your requirements and position the same. With a cylindrical rebar cage, the bollard or the ground sleeve will gain reinforcement.
  5. Attach PVC drainage pipe: Thereafter, you should attach a PVC drainage pipe to the ground sleeve. You should ensure that the PVC pipe is placed inside the rebar cage. After attaching the drainage pipe, you should position the sleeve properly.
  6. Pour concrete: After all the above procedures, you need to fill the hole with concrete. You need to take note that the concrete is levelled with the ground.
  7. Insert bollards: Now, you can install the bollards and ensure maximum protection of your facilities.

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