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Different Types of Security Fencing in Kingston to Try Out

You can choose the finest type of security fencing for your property according to the amount of security needed. For future reference, do you require something extremely unbreakable, or would something less substantial be adequate? To help you understand what to anticipate regarding these products, here’s a list of various security fences in this blog. For the best security fencing in Kingston, approach professionals who can help you with different security fences.

Three different types of security fences

Chain link fencing

Chain link fencing covered with cylindrical security systems is adaptable and can mark borders, provide security, or even surround sports fields and courts. They can be galvanised or powder coated to make the fence blend in a little more. Barbed or razor wire can be added at the top of the chain-link barrier if additional security is required. With three different extension arm options, we provide two distinctive fencing structures with varying levels of security.

Mesh panel fencing

The mesh panel fence is very well-liked because of how lovely it looks. This fencing offers a visually appealing peripheral fence that allows people to view both inside and outside without giving up security and is typically used to provide moderate security.

Palisade fencing

This kind of security fencing is employed for people who require a robust barricade against burglars and vandals. Palisade fencing is made of hot- and cold-rolled steel pieces, and it comes in two different profiles—’D’ or ‘W,’ with ‘W’ offering the best level of security. Palisade fencing is adaptable and somewhat stunning due to its open slots and various heights, finishes, and colours. By adding pointed pales to the top of each steel vertical, you can opt to make palisade fencing more difficult to scale. This is a perfect school fencing option.

At McKeown Fencing Ltd, we offer different security fencing options in Kingston. For the best fences, get in touch with us.