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Different Types of Heights For Barriers in Kingston

Different Types of Heights For Barriers in Kingston

Barriers and fences are used to protect the property against external threats and animal attacks. However, the height of the barrier depends on the type of property where it is being used. The average height ranges of barriers in Kingston are between three to eight feet. Thus, to choose the perfect fence for your property, you need to determine the style and purpose of the fence. Moreover, you must consider the local laws into account as well. Let’s say you need a fence for the poolside, and then the average height will be different from the one you installed to protect the entire property.

The purpose of the fence determines the height. If you want to keep off the nosy neighbours, a small heightened barrier with a locked gate is enough. On the other hand, if you want to secure your swimming pool from kids, check the average proper height under the law.

Here’s a list of common fences and barrier’s heights that can give you a clear idea of the same.

1. Decorative Fences
These fences are majorly done to increase the aesthetic value of the property. Thus, they don’t cover the full boundary height. Rather, they are, on average, three to four feet high. Professional fitters prefer using wrought iron, vinyl panels and tubular bars for these types of fences.

2. Garden Fences
These fences are constructed to protect the flowers and trees from an animal attack. However, they are lower in height so that anyone from outside can view the beautiful garden. On average, 3 to 4 feet is the height of these types of offences.

3. Pet Security Fences
Dogs are the common pets in every household. They can jump 4 to 5 feet. Hence to protect the pets from escaping into the woods, these security fences are constructed. They are generally more than 6 feet tall so that the dogs can’t jump over the same.

4. Privacy Fences
Privacy fences are not only different in height but also different in designs. Homeowners prefer chain-links, wood and vinyl to get their privacy barriers constructed. They are generally 6 feet high and clear indications for the nosy neighbours to stay away from the house.

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