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Types of Commercial Fencing: Know Before You Use One of Them

Types of Commercial Fencing: Know Before You Use One of Them

Your commercial premises need utmost security. You cannot ignore this matter because the safety and security of your employees and clients or customers are attached to it. Moreover, you need to protect your commercial assets from trespassing, theft, robbery, vandalism, and other types of unwanted attacks.

Along with appointing security guards and installing CCTV, you should consider having good quality fences for your commercial properties. These fences are specially designed to protect commercial properties from various hazards. However, there are different types of fences available in the UK that can be installed at commercial premises. Bollards are one of them.

Before you buy fences for your commercial property, you should know how many types are available in the market.

1. Chain Link: Arguably, chain link is the most popular type of fencing for commercial places in Kingston and adjoining areas. These chains are made of steel with a galvanised coating. Hence, they are extremely weather resistant. You can see them in almost every commercial and public place, including playgrounds, stadiums, zoos, amusement parks, warehouses, and factories.

2. Slat Fences: Whether you have a small spa or a big music studio, this stylish and smart fence can be the ideal cover for your property. Slat fences look slick and provide ultimate protection to properties. They are excellent in keeping your privacy intact. Clubs, hotels, and restaurants often use such kinds of fences to make their area protected for their clients.

3. Aluminium Ornamental Fences: You often see this type of fencing in schools, colleges, churches, and parks. They are ideal for gardens, amusement parks, and roadside fencing because of their decorative and elegant style. They look absolutely fantastic and improve the curb appeal of your commercial property. These ornamental fencing and gates can prove your rich taste of aesthetics as the owner of that very place.

4. Bollards: Whenever it comes to control traffic in a commercial place, you cannot ignore bollards. They are designed for this purpose. They provide complete safety and security from traffic hazards at the parking lot or the front roads of your commercial properties. They also look stylish and improve the curb appeal of your place.

5. Pool Fences: They are specially designed and made for pool areas. Your commercial property with a swimming pool can have such fences to provide privacy and protection to your clients.

Mckeown Fencing can offer you the right kind of fencing solution for your commercial properties. Our team works closely with our clients to understand their requirements.

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