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Questions to Ask Fencing Contractors in Kingston before Hiring One

Installing a fence on your property is an important decision. It can secure and protect the privacy of your property and add value to the home. So you should choose a trusted professional for this work. They possess upgraded fencing materials that can deliver you better results.

Importance of Asking Questions:

A fence is a big investment for your property, and you would like to get it done perfectly. A professional can perform the task with minimal wastage of time and money. However, to ensure that your contractor is an expert in this field, you must ask a few questions.

What Questions Should You Ask A Fencing Contractor?

In this blog, you will find the most vital questions to ask a fencing contractor in Kingston. These questions will help you find a team who can provide better help. Read on to know more.

Do You Have Insurance?

It is one of the primary questions you should ask for risk-free fencing work. The contractors are expected to be covered under various insurance. General liability insurance and worker’s insurance are the most important. The first one makes you eligible for compensation if your property is damaged during the fencing work by the contractor or their employees. The second one will cover an employee if they get injured during work. Before beginning the work, you should ask for an updated copy of these insurances.

How Long Will the Whole Work Take?

Before beginning the project, you should have a clear knowledge of the project’s duration. Ask for the estimated time required between the beginning and end of the fence installation. If you consult a busy contractor, it might take a few days to get a proper quote. Once the timeline is finalised from their end, you can prepare your property for the work accordingly.

How old is Your Company?

The business history of the contractor is important to know about their experience. You should ask the company how long they have operated under their current name. Try to choose a company that has a considerable experience in this business. If your chosen contractor has an online presence, you can check the customer reviews on different platforms.

To get a better fence construction experience, you should ask all these questions. You can contact McKeown Fencing to secure your property with a strong fence. We are one of the well-known fencing contractors in Kingston who can provide you with fences made of different materials. Our team caters to both residential and commercial fencing works. Contact us for more details.