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Types of Picket Fences that are Favourites of Fencing Contractors

When it comes to protecting your property, there are very few useful options like fencing. You need to choose a material that is sturdy, durable and aesthetic at the same time. Many homeowners opt for installing wooden fences on their property for better appeal and reliability.

Get Help from Professional Fencing Contractor:

Picket fences are one of the traditional and popular forms of wooden fencing. These are versatile in design, made from quality timber and can protect the property from different external agents. As a homeowner, you can call your regular fencing contractor in Kingston to customise the style and design of this fence.

Types of Picket Fences that You Can Try:

Here, you can find the top picket fencing options for your property. These are highly adaptive and a perfect choice to guard the open spaces of the house.

Classic Tapered Pickets

The tapered pickets are one of the most popular forms of these fences. These are generally made of timber with a painted finish. You can customise the top portions of these pickets. Some popular designs include pointed, squared and curved tops.

Arched Pickets

These fences can provide an aesthetic finish to the open spaces of your property. Beginning from the first post, the height of the pickets gets taller till it reaches the other post. The design is done so that the tallest picket becomes the focal point of the fence.

Capped Pickets

These picket fences have a parallel wooden cover placed on their top; hence it is known by this name. These provide extra security to the fence and protect it from weather conditions. The fence also has a diagonal brace placed on the gate, so you can easily detect it. This also prevents the fence from racking.

Cedar wood Pickets

If you are looking for a premium material for your fence that offers you better longevity, this is the option you should choose. It is perfect for the UK weather and can repel burrowing insects. The wood also has a better response against rot-related damages.

Dual Pickets

These provide a designer take to the normal wooden picket fences. You will find squared-off boards between the fences. These preserve the garden view and act as a natural habitat for birds to perch in.

These are some great ideas for wooden picket fences. Install them on your property for the protection and preservation of aesthetics. Contact a trusted source like McKeown Fencing Limited to get it done by expert fencing contractors in Kingston. For more details, you can visit our website.